Our mission is to empower and unleash indigenous leadership around the world

Kia Ora

Kia ora means “to live”, “to be well”. We are on a mission to enliven, to empower and to support the wellbeing of indigenous people around the world. We do this through utilising cultural frameworks and strengths-based approaches to community development, building upon the traditional collective structures within indigenous communities, and developing the capacity of community leaders to take action. We also work with a range of non-indigenous groups and stakeholders to facilitate co-designed, co-constructed approaches and solutions with indigenous communities

About Us

Helping to grow the next generation of cultural leaders, social changemakers and future innovators is what drives us to do what we do. Having recently returned to Aotearoa New Zealand after living in Canada working to support First Nations people, we see a wealth of opportunity in harnessing more indigenous collaboration. Our global experiences have broadened our thinking and sharpened our focus on pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Our team

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Cain Kerehoma


Cain brings a wealth of experience across a range of sectors, including policy and research, business development and community sectors. He has held roles with the Ministry of Education, Kāhui Tautoko Consulting Ltd and the Ākina Foundation.

Renay Charteris


Renay brings skills and expertise in event coordination, finance, administration and marketing. She has held finance roles with Kiwibank and BNZ. She is passionate about empowering whānau with the tools to create and define their own success 

Kia Ora Consulting empowers our communities to embrace and leverage our own cultural frameworks in ways that are meaningful to our people

Chief Ian Campbell

Squamish Nation

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Who Are We

Kia Ora Consulting is an indigenous consultancy firm based in Aotearoa New Zealand, working globally to support indigenous peoples around the world

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